Projection Mapping


To understand the terms, Projection is the presentation of an image made of light that beams onto a surface like for example a movie. Projection mapping is the technique to warp and blend images into buildings, and structures usually irregularly shaped to transform the original surface into something more entertaining and can be used as a backdrop for conferences, trade-shows, corporate events, brand awareness or awards ceremonies. There are two types of projection mapping, 2D Projection Mapping is usually applied to flat surfaces using blending techniques to coordinate the projected content to perceive it as one unbroken image. 3D Projection Mapping is applied into three-dimensional objects ideal for branding or entertainment events to create the ‘wow’ factor. Projection blending is the combination of multiple projectors that allow us to transform a structure into one big image creating a dynamic visual, transforming reality into illusion.

A great example of this technique is the display used in the LLUM BCN festival in Barcelona, a mind-blowing 3D stereoscopic mapping to celebrate its winter 'Fiesta Mayor' in honour of Santa Eulàlia. The presentation starts really slow but check the video around minute 4:50 when the building gets totally transformed.

We have used this technique in restaurants, hotels, and venues and customers are always impressed with the quality and audience engagement.

Enquire about Projection Mapping for your next event or corporate function to leave a lasting impression with your audience Your imagination is the limit!